Lib Tech Freeride NAS ReCurve Skis 2012Tory Bland and friends designed and ride the 2012 Lib Tech Freeride NAS ReCurve Skis are. They have some awesome features including All-terrain ReCurve technology and Magne-Traction which make these skis perfect for freeriding.

Those cool guys over at LIB Tech have been ever so green with their new products; they are using wood from only dead trees for the core. Don’t worry, the wood is still perfect for the job, these skis provide endless pop.

Another lovely feature is the quasi-isotropic fiberglass layer which makes these skis very strong and powerful. The sandwich construction is finished off with steel edges.
The Anvi-Tech layer is amazing at reducing vibrations when skiing over rough ground, this system also provides extra stability and control.

The flat-camber-flat shape of these Lib Tech Skis make entering turns a breeze, the stability is rock solid.
I must say the Lib Tech Freeride NAS ReCurve skis are simply fabulous.